Cooking Grate Steel Round Santa Maria, Argentine, Argentine w/rear Brasero Single Heavy Duty 3/8 30", 36", 48", 60" sizes for both cart and non-cart versions

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Santa Maria Round Heavy Duty Grate

Our Santa Maria and Argentine 3/8" round steel grill grate is for common style cooking. This feature along with our adjustable grilling system allows you to maintain a uniform temperature allowing the meat to cook evenly without any unwanted flareups.

    Pricing for Steel Round Grates only
    Drip tray included non-stainless

Santa Maria, Argentine, Argentine w/rear Brasero Single Grate 30", 36", 48", 60" sizes for both cart and non-cart versions.

    RHDCG30SSI 30" Size: Cooking Grates size 23" x 20.6" - Cooking Surface 474 sq. in. - 1 pc. $180.00 base price
    RHDCG36DSI 36" Size: Cooking Grate size 29" x 20.6" - Cooking Surface 598 sq. in. - 1 pc. +$29.00
    RHDCG48DSI 48" Size: Cooking Grate size 41" x 20.6" - Cooking Surface 845 sq. in. - 2 pc. +$167.00
    RHDCG60DSI 60" Size: Cooking Grate size 53" x 26.6" - Cooking Surface 1,410 sq. in. - 2 pc. +$250.00

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