Argentine Grill 36" Cart ARG-36DSICRT

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A NSF package upgrade will need to be purchased to become NSF Certified. 


  • Thickness: Grill base floor and Side Walls Heavy gauge 3/16" steel
  • Side walls: Insulated Fire Brick
  • Width: 36" (Overall 134" includes both shelves)
  • Depth: 24" (Overall 35" includes handles)
  • Height: 60 3/4" (overall 66 1/4" to the top of flywheel)
  • Height Firebox: 12"
  • Weight: 416 Lbs
  • Cooking Surface: 585 Sq. In. (19.5" x 30")
  • Fuel: Charcoal or Wood
  • Finish: Satin Black
  • Flywheel Assembly Finish Option: Red or Black
  • Crate size: 45"L x 37"W x 48"H (unassembled - build cart and place fire box onto cart)
  • Crate size: 45"L x 37"W x 68"H (assembled - no charge)
  • Crate weight: 496 lbs.



  • Manufactured with Heavy Gauge Steel
  • Single Grill Grate
  • Fire bricks included for heat retention and distribution
  • Three Step metal and finish process with 1200 degree Paint
  • 1000 lbs stainless steel aircraft cable. Raises & lowers V channel grates
  • V channel grates are inverted and slopped to the front of the grill to catch fats & juices to reduce flare-up
  • Wood and Lump Charcoal Fuel
  • Cart System w/Heavy Duty Expanded Metal Shelf
  • Four Heavy Duty Casters w/two locking wheels

Lifetime Limited Warranty - see warranty page.

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