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3601-36DSI Santa Maria Grill Stainless upgrades C. A.,

Beverly Hills, CA

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3601-48DSI 48” Santa Maria David Ladner Chaska, MN

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Almost there ... enjoying the pool and outdoor kitchen. Cooking ribs on Easter!  3601-48DSPL Santa Maria Chico, CA Brian Harrison

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An outdoor desert kitchen.... Thank you so much. As for function I am very happy. These both look and work great! Lots of comments and questions from friends and people who come over.  3601-36DSI Santa Maria Grill   1401NS—Wood Fired Oven
T. Nuara & E. Beca, Scottsdale, AZ

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3601-30SSI Santa Maria Grill J. Caseiro, New Brunswick, NJ

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3601-36DSI Santa Maria Looks really good and I even have a guy locally to source hardwoods as there’s only mesquite here in Vegas. Thanks again.... P. Carpenter—N. Las Vegas, NV

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3601-36DSI Santa Maria Hi Gary, It is beautiful and we had a few parties already... needless to say it’s a big hit.  The grill works great and I had the rotisserie installed.  Dr. Suhaib Alkurtass— Edmonton, Canada

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Santa Maria 48" 3601-48DSPL— Trey Gardner, Tallahassee, FL

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Hello Sunterra, Here are pictures of my Argentinian Brasero grill. It took a little bit of work to complete the patio and it look so nice after it was completed. I have been using it and so nice to cook a parrilla Argentinian style!!! My wife is very happy and she enjoys my cooking
even more. Best regards, Guillermo and Maggie Ulloa  Rockville MD

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I ordered one of these grills sight unseen. I had only seen them online, and through BBQ Pit Boys channel. Even my wife was a bit skeptical at first because it was such an awesome pit for such a great price. I have mine mounted in my outdoor kitchen. When it came, via freight, I went to pick it up. I have to say, it is an unbelievable quality pit. Everything from the steel, the fire brick, the grates, everything was way over my expectations. It is UNDOUBTEDLY the center piece of my outdoor kitchen. It's the center piece and it is mounted next to a 4 thousand dollar custom made smoker. Everyone wants to know about my

Santa Maria Grill. Thank yall so much for hanging in there with me asking all the questions about dimensions, etc. It is definitely a lifetime grill! I'm gonna post some pics here and on your website..... You will NEVER find the quality of this pit at this price point. Several people making them and selling locally on CL, and they are ok, but for just a couple hundred more, you get so much more in quality and design!!!


Adolph Postel—Taylor Lake Village, TX

3601-36DSI—Santa Maria Grill

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