Chris Hefner, Linden, N.J.

I was away this weekend and still have not run a seasoning burn in the new grill yet. I will do that in just a little bit. Once I had the cart built and all the drawers and grates out of the firebox I was able to

lift it with my brother-in-law without a hitch. It was easy to finish it up on my own the next morning before we left for vacation. Now, I can say without hesitation that you need to tell your fabrication guys what a great job they did. From the engineering of each component to the way the crate was put together and each piece wrapped, the quality of craftsmanship is impeccable. Every edge is smooth and rounded, and has that great finish on it. I love the simplicity of the design; the small amount of required hardware, and the fact that as simple as it is to put together, it works!. I know I will be cooking on this grill for a long time to come. So, cheers to you and your team!

 You know what? After all this talk I am going to season it right now! Anyways, much thanks again!



Santa Maria 3601-36DSI

Chris Hefner, Linden, N.J.

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