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Our Mission

Our goal is to give you the highest level of craftsmanship, durability and precision engineered design so that you get the best value around...

Customer Experience

By focusing on building customer relationships, not sales.

Customer Engagement

Building great products and great service by listing to customers.

Customer Loyalty

Through transparency, safe community, respect and reliability.

Customer Community

Creating an authentic culture based on our shared passions.


At Suterra Outdoor Products, we strive for excellence in everything we do. Although we realize we cannot please everyone, we are dedicated to making sure each customer experience is the best possible. So we decided to make their feedback the matrix in which we measure ourselves by.

"All of our products are indivudally handcrafted at our factory by skilled metal artisans and craftsmens. Our quality standards ensures that each and every one of our products will exceed our customer's expectations from start to finish."


There is no mistake that founder Enrique Valdes and operations manager Gary Parrott, had one goal in mind... their passion for family, good food, fun and fire was to produce reasonable high quality priced cooking equipment that is a true value representation of the products created. Sunterra Outdoor is a division of family owned Ferro Arte de Mexico, which has over 30 years in the metal fabrication business.
What is your typical lead time?
Current Lead times for shipping 7 to 8 weeks, plus transit. Stainless steel grills allow 12 weeks for shipping.
How do you season an Argentine or Santa Maria type grilling system?
What are the differences between the Argentine, Bracero and Santa Maria grills?


Sunterra Outdoor cooking products are loaded with features that produce excellent results whether you are a new or seasoned grill master. For any gathering, our wood-fired products will give a lifetime of grilling enjoyment. In operations, our testimony's speak volumes to customer care and satisfaction...

More About Us

At Sunterra, we strive to be known as the company that shares in the passion and the satisfaction that our customers gain from using our products. Our mission, is to deliver the highest-quality BBQ products that caters to the demands of  the discriminating culinary individuals and professionals.

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