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A pitmaster is an expert on the basics of grilling. From cleaning the grill to making recipes truly their own, they know the essentials like the back of their hand. Knowledge is power and knowing how to care for your grill can make the difference between subpar sustenance and incredibly grilled masterpiece! Your time spent running the grill will be more pleasant, and your results will be more professional with grill tools that do the job simpler, faster, and better. From cleaning a gas grill to caring for cast iron grates, here are expert grilling care tips to help you clean your grill like a pro.

Tips For Using a BBQ Smoker Smokers are relatively easy to use, but compared to charcoal or gas grills, they do need a little more ability and patience during the cooking process. The following section is all about how to use a

The best way to build a fire would be to use kindling or charcoal and have a propane or electric starter or charcoal stack when building a fire in your smoker. First, you will need to chop some kindling from

To maximize your smoker investment it is paramount to start caring for it from the first time you set it up. The majority of smokers need to be seasoned and all smokers need to be cleaned regularly, and by regularly, it is really best to clean as needed to some

To maximize your investment in a Santa Maria or Argentine style grills, it is paramount to start caring for it from the first time you set it up. All grates, V-channel, round, paella, laser cut, and griddles need to be seasoned and cleaned regularly, and regularly, it is best to

A Dry smoker is a long well-established smoker concept when compared to an electric or vertical water smoker. They range in size, material specs, and functionality and typically feature (although not

Smoker wood is used to flavor the meat. There are almost as many different types of smoker woods (discussed below) as there are barbecue sauces. Each wood provides a different smoke taste and you will need to experiment somewhat to obtain the perfect flavor. You can use chips, sticks or

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