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Pro Series Argentine Brasero Grills

We offer our Pro Series Argentine grills in two different styles: side bracero with a single grate or rear bracero with a single or dual grate for zone cooking. They are available in freestanding cart design or built-in options, with sizes ranging from 36" to 96". The grill grates are raised or lowered over the coals to the ideal distance from the heat by hand crank assembly, which yields amazing results. Cooking over an open flame is an exciting event with fantastic outcomes.

Our Pro Series line of grills is dedicated to producing long-lasting, beautifully designed, and expertly crafted indoor and outdoor grilling products.

Sunterra Pro Series Argentine Brasero Grill Options

You choose… 

  • Satin Black Finish Flywheel, Sprocket, Brake, and Spindle — NSF finish. Or stainless-steel upgrade. 
  • For non-NSF finish, we will change to our 1200° High-heat liquid finish and make the deduction for the NSF finish. 
  • Fuel grate configuration — standard fire brick

Promo Code Notice

At this time, 

  • For a 36" rear mounted Argentine Bracero, for $125.00 off—Enter Promo Code: Sizzle 3
  • For our 48" Dual Grate design, 60" Split and 72" split rear Bracero: For $150.00 off and $146 beef package, use promo code: PIEDMONTESE
  • For 48" Single, 60" Single, For $150.00 off use promo code—Enter Promo Code: Sizzle 4
  • For all Side Bracero's 48", 60", 72" and 96": For $150.00 off use promo code—Enter Promo Code: Sizzle 4

Argentine Rear Brasero

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Argentine Side Brasero

Argentine Rear Brasero

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