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Santa Maria 36 no Cart 3601-36DSI Custom Finish & SS Flywheel
SKU: 3601-36DSI
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Sunterra 36" Santa Maria with brown finish, single adjustable grate and stainless steel flywheel.


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The following Santa Maria grill is presented with both our Newly offered Brown Finish & Stainless Steel Flywheel assembly as an upgrade. The grill, identical to our 3601-36DSI model, includes a stainless steel flywheel, brake, sprocket, and spindle. Flywheel styling offered in a 6 fan design.  



  • Thickness - Grill base floor and side walls heavy gauge 3/16" steel
  • Thickness - Side walls and Floor: include fire brick
  • Width: 36" (Overall 45" includes flywheel assembly)
  • Depth: 24" (Overall 29" includes handles)
  • Height: 35 3/4” (Overall 41 1/4” from bottom of firebox to the top of flywheel)
  • Height Firebox: 12"
  • Weight: 386 lbs.
  • 585 Sq. In. (30" X 19.5")
  • Finish: Charcoal
  • Flywheel Assembly Finish Option: Red or Charcoal
  • Crate Size: 45"L x 37"W x 48"H
  • Crate Weight: 467 lbs


  • Manufactured with Heavy Gauge Steel
  • Includes Welded Flange
  • Stainless Steel Flywheel Assembly 
  • Double Door Swing Out or Single Door Swing Down and Single Grill Grate
  • Cool to the touch handles 
  • Fire bricks included for heat retention and distribution
  • Three Step metal and finish process with 1200 degree Paint
  • 1000 lbs stainless steel aircraft cable. Raises & lowers V channel grates
  • V channel grates are inverted and slopped to the front of the grill to catch fats & juices to reduce flare-up
  • Wood and Lump Charcoal Fuel
  • Sliding Damper System w/cool to the touch handles
  • 2 Metal Shelves (removable)
  • Removable Drip Tray








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