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Ballistic BBQ, has garnered over 347,000 subscribers and millions of views to date. Ballistic BBQ is all about outdoor cooking and covers everything from very traditional "low n slow" smoking recipes to "hot n fast" grilling! Ballistic BBQ and Greg Mrvich are content contributors that will help you amke sure that you make the most out of your Sunterra Pro Series Grill.

Ribeye Aged in Beef Tallow for 200 Days, I was Shocked! | Umai Dry

Ribeye Aged for 200 Days was inspired by Chef Lennox Hastie the owner and executive chef at Firedoor in Australia. He devised a technique which helps to prevent the meat going bad during this marathon aging process.

Smoked Beef Back Ribs on Argentine Grill | BBQ Beef Ribs | Ballistic BBQ

Legit "Low n Slow" Smoked Beef Back Ribs on an Argentine Grill! I was able to pull this off with the help of Sunterra Pro's "Versa-Lid." This accessory allows the Argentine Grills and Santa Maria grill to do traditional low n slow smoking cooks. Crank up the heat and you have a pizza oven!

Argentine Grilled Tomahawk Ribeye | Argentine Grilled Steak | Ballistic BBQ

36 ounces of Certified Piedmontese Tomahawk Ribeye Steak, forward seared on my Sunterra Pro-Series Argentine Grill using Certified Piedmontese beef is very lean but super tender and much healthier than traditional beef, and they are offering 25% off if you use discount code SUNTERRA.

Mayan Grilled Baby Back Ribs | Argentine Grill | Ballistic BBQ

Mayan Grilled Baby Back Ribs. I took two beautiful racks of baby back ribs and grilled them, low n slow on the Argentine Grill with some fantastic Mexican flavors. This video was sponsored by El Yucateco Hot Sauce . I used El Yucateco in an amazing sauce (recipe below) with an agave, and prickly pear cactus fruit base. Of course, the Sunterra Argentine Grill did what it does, Rocked The Cook!

Brazilian Style Grilled Pork Ribs on the Argentine Grill! | Sunterra

Brazilian style ribs, marinated and grilled up on my Argentine grill! Watch me as I transform 3 racks St Louis trimmed pork spareribs Marinade 7 cloves crushed garlic into culinary perfection.

Argentine BBQ Brisket | Live-Fire Cooking | Ballistic BBQ | Sunterra

Brisket cooked open air, on an Argentine grill? In this video, that's exactly what I did! Live-fire cooking at its finest on an Argentine grill. Ever since I got this grill I wanted to see if I could cook a brisket "Santa Maria BBQ Style." Although I was cooking over an open fire,

Argentine Grilled Rib-eyes | Argentine Rear Brasero Grill Review

Argentine Grilled Ribeyes, or "Gaucho Steaks," it doesn't get any better than this. I thought this was the perfect way of breaking in my new Sunterra Pro Series Argentine Grill and it was! Four cowboy cut ribeyes, weighing in at about 2lbs each! Marinated in an Argentine steak marinade.

Argentine Grilled Beef Ribs | Argentine Grill | Ballistic BBQ

Argentine Grilled Beef Ribs, cooked "Gaucho Style!" This is as good as it gets! I thought this was the perfect "next step" cook on Pro Series Argentine Grill as I work my way through the long list of popular proteins. This was a total of two, three-bone racks of beef short ribs, cut across the bones, into six smaller racks. I seasoned the ribs with salt and fresh ground black pepper, and basted them with a homemade red chimichurri sauce!

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