Sunterra Pro Series

Gaining momentum from our Argentine Bracero, Santa Maria, and Sunterra Outdoor Argentine grills, we naturally expanded into the live fire grilling concepts for commercial installations with the Pro Series Ironworks Santa Maria line and Pro Series Argentine Grills. 

Sunterra Pro products are 100% NSF-certified for use in dining establishments, hotels, resorts, and country clubs. These products include a heavy-duty swivel caster, tire, and high-heat grayish black powder coating.

Functional Style

Pro Series Ironworks and Argentine Bracero grills, which are of the highest caliber, have an open concept for cooking with wood or charcoal and cook food slowly over coals.

All of our Pro Series Grills are heavy duty, and superior in construction. By combining 1/4” gauge steel & fire brick, our design offers a new standard for construction and heat dispensation that provides a long-lasting product and hassle-free barbecuing. All Sunterra Outdoor Pro Series grills feature ceramic fire bricks that create heat retention and distribution on the side walls.

Chefs can create culinary masterpieces with flexibility and control thanks to the Pro Series products, which are designed to crank from 3" to at least 15" above the fire.

Our Pro Series line is committed to creating expertly designed, aesthetically pleasing, and long-lasting indoor and outdoor grilling products.

Key Features

  • Manufactured with Heavy Gauge Steel
  • Build in designs Includes welded flange
  • Easy Close Door System
  • Fire bricks included for heat retention and distribution
  • Single Door will swing down
  • Double Door swing down on larger sizes
  • NSF Certified High Heat 900°
  • Powder Coat Finish
  • Heavy-Duty flywheels w/cool to the touch handles.
  • V channel grates are inverted and slopped to the front of the grill to catch fats & juices to reduce flare-up
  • Ventilation System
  • Heavy-Duty Casters with solid polyurethane wheels for easy cleaning
  • Wood and Lump Charcoal Fuel
  • Drip Tray
Argentine Bracero Style
  • Side Mounted or Rear Mounted Removable Braceros
  • 1000 lbs stainless-steel aircraft cable. Raises & lowers V channel grates.
  • Chain Drive Assembly 
  • Ash Removal System 

NSF Certified

Our NSF program consists of a high heat grayish black powder coating and Heavy Duty Swivel Caster and Tire offered in a gray polypropylene for easy maintenance.

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Our Mission

At Sunterra, we strive to be known as the company that shares in the passion and the satisfaction that our customers gain from using our products. Our mission, is to deliver the highest-quality BBQ products that caters to the demands of the discriminating culinary individuals and professionals.