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Our Santa Maria and oven combination extends beyond traditional grilling experiences. Add a rotisserie, and the cooking skill gets even better! In a portable design, you have the convenience of roasting Pig, Lamb or Goat. Factor in versatility... endless Chickens, Turkeys, Pork Ribs, Pork Shoulders, are few of the wide array of meats roasted, grilled and rotisserie cooked. All of our Santa Maria oven combo's are heavy duty in construction. Combining 3/16" gauge steel, stainless, and aluminum material for long-lasting and hassle free barbecue. All styles offered in single grate design feature hand cranks that raises or lowers the grates above the coals. Sunterra Outdoor and the BBQ Pit Boys Santa Maria oven design is for the BBQ Grill master that entertains and enjoys cooking on equipment that yields remarkable results. 

The oven of this unit is smokeless, and used for broiling/baking. Be sure to visit each item in this category for a list of features.

The standard V-channel grate offered by Sunterra are made of steel, typically chosen by chef's due to the grates heat transfer performance and simply the food cooked on seasoned grates tastes better. 
Sunterra will on the original purchase exchange the steel grates with a stainless upgrade. Please call to discuss and for pricing.

New Santa Maria Grill and Oven Options... You choose.

* Color choice for Flywheel, Sprocket, Brake and Spindle - either Red or Charcoal finish. Or an upgrade to Stainless components available.


Santa Maria Grill with Oven

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SKU : 3601-36SPDOV

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